Elegant Customer Class!

ready for a tasting

Elegance! Many of our Hen’s Day Experiences are very elegant. As a person as I am who is fun loving and positive it is always a wonderful experience to come home after a Hen’s Day out to say to my lifetime partner, I have been driving the most stunning and lovely ladies around today who have made me happy to just be in their company. We see this time and time again.

Much older folk have not nice things to say about the younger generations, but this is definitely the contrary on who we meet on our Hen’s Day experiences.

I honestly think it is all in the giving. If our ladies are greeted well, informed of their day well, been given, cheese and crackers along the way in between venues on board, the area and the places we go to are explained well, even the tit-bits of local knowledge of the places and the different localities that only a ‘true’ local know, then, of course, the response from the ladies is always great.

The wine tour experience for them is heightened by the wine knowledge imparted and not to mention being well fed at lunch with an amazing 2 course to fill any appetite! Yes, elegance, great company, delicious wines and appetizing food are all a must have to experience on our wine tours for Hen’s Days! See you soon. Cheers!