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On Tour

On Tour

This group of friends decided to take a 3/4 day tour with Cork 'n Fork Tours, to discover what the region has to offer in the way of food and wine. They were not disappointed, they were introduced to the art of wine tasting and given the tools to enhance their experience of the day at the first venue. They continued to use these tools as the day progressed and discovered some small variations in the same wine at different locations.

To the uninitiated, this art is as follows:-

  • when the tasting is poured, pick up your glass by the stem and smell the wine, this gives a baseline for the aromas
  • swirl the wine around in your glass, you draw in some air and agitate the molecules of the wine. As they warm up they release their dominant characteristics.
  • take a small sip, do a little mouthwash. This will over coat anything else you have previously had in your mouth and wake up your taste receptors, which are located inside your top and bottom lips, your cheeks, on top of your tongue and beneath it. Don't judge the wine on this first sip, try to shut off any judgement.
  • take a second sip and lift the wine to the roof of your mouth and let it fall over the side of your tongue. This is when you get the real taste of the wine and you can now make a decision on whether you like it or not.
  • if you don't like it, tip it put and start on another wine . Follow the process above to discover a wine to your liking.

Every one is different although some people are similar in their taste, there is nothing wrong with how YOU feel about a particular wine. Come out with us to discover more about how you like wine and enjoy hte experience of being "Driven To Drink". Call 0415 454 313.

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