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Autumn Vines

Autumn Vines

The leaves are finally starting to fall from the vines, and Autumn is nearly finished. This year was an unseasonally warm Autumn and the vines have retained their leaves a lot longer than normal. This is a pic from Sarabah Estate vineyard, recently reopened to the public, soon there will be no leaves on the vines and they will go into a period of dormancy through winter.

The young lady in this photo was enjoying a taste of the Cabernet Sauvignon as the group had a little walk in the vineyard and olive grove. She and her friend had taken their mothers out to celebrate Mothers' Day and this was the last stop for the day. Good friends, good wine, great mothers and good company, what more could you ask for ....great weather, beautiful day.

Come on out and enjoy the experience, let us do the driving, let us show you our backyard ......... you have fun. We truly love doing what we do and often say when people ask " what do you do?" I answer "Driving People to Drink and Loving It". Give us a call and arrange your next experience in the Scenic Rim ....0415 454 313

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