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Belated Mother's Day

Belated Mother's Day

The Mother's Day theme lasted for the whole month of May, with the three daughters and their mother's celebrating this as the Belated Mother's Day event. This picture of the group is at Albert River Wines with the vineyard and views to the mountain in the background. The group had just finished their tasting which gave them an insight into wines and what to expect for the rest of the day.

The wine tasting process of smell swirl smell taste taste was explained and the reasons why. Seventy five percent of how we appreciate anything we eat or drink come from our sense of smell and we only taste four things, salt, bitter, sweet and sour.

Taste receptors are inside our lips, cheeks on top of our tongue and underneath it, so we need to get the fluid (wine )around all these receptors to  get the real taste of the wine. It's fun to do and to find out how you appreciate the particular wines and why.

Come out and join us and find out for yourself, give us a call 0415 454 313 and book your next tour.

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