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Catching Up

Catching Up

These two ladies chose Cork 'n Fork Tours for their regular wine region experience. They get together annually for a relaxing time, without other family members and generally like to have this time spent in a wine region around Australia.

This pic is at the distillery and they are behind the main bar tasting the first product here, Wattle Toffee. It is made by roasting the seeds of the wattle and then infusing the roasted seeds in a neutral spirit. The flavour is amazing some people saying it tastes just like ........... not telling you!!. You need to come on tour with Cork 'n Fork Tours to find out.

We taste several products here including, a typical European strength vodka and finish normally with Lemoncello. This one really refreshes the palette and tastes like a lemon sorbet. Personally I think it would be really nice drizzled over oysters kilpatrick as an entree'

If this is for you give us a call 0415 454 313 and see if we can arrange your next outing in the wine country

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