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First Stop on Tour

First Stop on Tour

At the first stop  Albert River, after wine tasting on Tour with Cork 'n Fork Tours. These ladies had just been introduced into the art of wine tasting. They were informed how to taste to enhance their experience of the day. When tasting you we get approx 20ml of wine in your tasting glass. The fist thing to do is to smell the wine to get a base line for the aromas. Then swirl the wine around in the glass drawing in some air and agitating the molecules of the wine. Smell the wine again and notice that it is much more aromatic than before. Try to identify what these aromas are.

You see you only taste four things salt, bitter, sweet and sour, but 75% of how you appreciate anything (not just wine) comes from your sense of smell. Our brain never forgets a smell ...... we forget words. The next part of the tasting is when you take a small sip of the wine into your mouth and swish it around as if you were rinsing after cleaning your teeth. You do this to wake up your taste receptors which are inside your top and bottom lips, your cheeks, on top of your tongue and beneath it. Wake them all up and prepare them to taste on the second sip.

This time try and hold the wine in your mouth for 4 to 5 seconds lifting it gently to the roof of your mouth and letting it fall over the sides of your tongue. This is when you get the real taste of the wine and now decide if you like this variety or not.

This is but a snippet of the information you will  be given when you come on tour with Cork 'n Fork Tours. Don't delay call 0415 454 313 to book your next experience on the wine trail.

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