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Girls Weekend Away

Girls Weekend Away

These lovely ladies work with each other and decided to escape from the hustle and bustle for a well deserved weekend away in the Hinterland, they stayed in an AirBnB just off the mountain. This was a easy pickup for Cork 'n Fork Tours and the day began with tastings at Mount Tamborine Wines on gallery walk.

The group were introduced to the fun way to taste wine that helps to enhance the whole experience. They were surprised at how much more aromatic the wine was after swirling it in the glass before tasting it. They were able to then identify some of the fruit characteristics of the particular wines tasted.

Lots of fun and merriment accompanied us during the day, you too can experience a tour like this, just give us a call 0415 454 313 and see what we can arrange for you and your friends.

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