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Is Your Christmas A Happy One?

Is Your Christmas A Happy One?

As they say Christmas comes but once per year, to bring great cheer! But, does it?

Glowing Reindeer

I am approaching my 62nd Christmas, I have come to learn over the years that the one thing I love about Christmas it that it does bring family and friends together, even if it is just the one time of the year, no in family fighting, just joy!

This maybe the case in your family, it may not be, either way never give up as love is the most powerful force on earth. Experiences today are I believe better than any gift, the simple gesture of a meaningful hug, does not cost any money and can sometimes bring the greatest joy.

So, give it a try this Christmas, and to all our wonderful customers, especially those that keep coming back with new and old friends and family, thank you. The Cork 'n Fork team wish you all a very Merry Christmas, full of great cheer, special hugs and a Happy New Year!