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Late Mothers' Day

Late Mothers' Day

Late Mothers' Day outing for this group of lovely ladies. This was the second year that the group came out with Cork 'n Fork Tours to celebrate Mothers' Day, and this was the second place for the day, getting ready to commence tasting at Mount Tamborine Winery.

This year the tour was changed around to incorporate places not visited last year and to show the ladies a different view of the vines, the wines and the food. The experience of the food, the wine, the places, the vistas, the people and being driven to drink still resonates with the ladies and they say they will be back again. I guess we must be doing something right.

Come on out and find out for yourself, better still get me to come and get you and let me show you my backyard. We are the only local tour company doing exclusive wine tours of the region. Call 0415 454 313 for more info.

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