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Mystery Tasting at the Distillery

Mystery Tasting at the Distillery

These two lovely young ladies are best friends from primary school. One was visiting from South Australia and her friend who lives here wanted to show her our wines and convince her that we have some outstanding wines in our region. The lady who lives here had been on a Cork 'n Fork Tour previously and decided it was time to do it again.

Here at the Distillery they had already been introduced to a couple of the liqueurs, and it was time for the "Mystery Tasting". This is when you are given a liqueur and now using your senses of smell and taste you tell us what you think it might be, lots of fun figuring out what it is!

Come on out and enjoy the beautiful mountain and surrounds of the Scenic Rim, take in the spectacular views and enjoy the food and wine showcased by the locals. Give us a call to arrange your next visit 0415 454 313

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