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Workmates & Friends - Wine Tour

Workmates & Friends - Wine Tour

Workmates and friends gathered for this day out on a wine tour of Tamborine Mountain with Cork 'n Fork Tours. they were introduced into the art of wine tasting at the first location and given the tools to help them to enhance their wine tasting experience.

First smell the wine to get a base line for the the aromas, the swirl the wine around in the glass, this warms up the molecules and releases the dominant aromas. Smell the wine again and try to identify these esters, they are mostly fruity. Now that you have sufficiently activated your saliva glands, it's time to taste.

Take a little wine into your mouth and do a little mouthwash, just like when rinsing after cleaning your teeth. You see you have taste receptors inside your top and bottom lips, your cheeks, on top of your tongue and beneath it, they all need to be woken up. Swallow it down and do not judge the wine yet, take some more wine into your mouth, tilt your head forward a little and gently chew the wine, when you do this the fluid goes up to the roof of your mouth and falls over the side of your tongue.

This is when you get the real taste of the wine and you can now decide weather you like it or not. To find out more about this process, give us a call at Cork 'n Fork Tours 0415 454 313 and book your next wine tour experience with the only true local of the region doing just wine tours.

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